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Rincon del Bonete

Next fall I will be studying abroad in Montevideo, Uruguay, and I decided this week was the perfect time to look into an engineering accomplishment in the country.  Uruguay might not be known for their engineering advancements, but every country … Continue reading

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Alcantara Bridge

The Romans made large strides for engineering during their time.  It is impressive how many of their developments we use today.  This week, we will be looking at their Alcantara Bridge, which crosses the Tagus River in Spain.  Its name … Continue reading

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This week, let’s travel south to Bolivia to explore Pumapunku.  This wonder has been argued about since the time of the Incas.  It was once a large building made of a giant stone blocks.  Today it is in a state … Continue reading

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Antikythera Mechanism

In 1900 sponge divers found an impressive mechanism near the island of Antikythera, a Greek island.  When it was discovered, its use was unknown, and there were many theories.  The majority of researchers thought it was some kind of dating … Continue reading

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Ice Hotel

This week let’s explore a frigid region of Sweden.  In Jukkasjarvi, Sweden a hotel made out of ice is constructed every Fall and melts every Spring.  The hotel is a combination of engineering and art creating a breathtaking sight. Preparation … Continue reading

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The MOSE Project

Venice, Italy is a historical city known for many things, but most notably as the City of Water.  The water creates its charm and uniqueness.  This important characteristic also can be the biggest threat to the city.   Venice has survived … Continue reading

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The Underground Churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia

For this week’s adventure let’s journey to Lalibela, Ethiopia.   In the twelfth century King Lalibela commissioned the construction of underground churches in the Ethiopian capital of Rocha, which was later renamed Lalibela in honor of the late king.  These churches … Continue reading

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