Welcome! Let’s explore the engineering marvels of the world together.  The earth has been the host of accomplishments from the greatest engineering feats of the ancients to today’s most inspiring designs.  While we are taking our virtual journey I hope to spark the need to visit some of these astonishing places in person.  I haven’t been to these places yet, so we will be exploring together.

For each design we look at we will explore the original problem, the encompassing culture, the existing knowledge, and the effect it has on the engineering world today.  We may not be able to understand everything, I’m not planning to solve the mystery of the Egyptian pyramids, but I aim to analyze the different theories available.  My goal is to use curiosity to find out more about how humanity has created the world we live in today.

Why am I writing this blog? I am not an archeological, anthropological, or mechanical expert; I am a mechanical engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh who lives for seeing the world.  I have a fear of living in an 8-5 corporate world and will take any excuse to try something new.  I am originally from Portland, Oregon, have studied in Argentina and Germany, and hope to be in Uruguay next fall.  I believe it is never too late or too early to do what you want.

To a life of exploration!



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